Birthday Wishes For My Godmother

We all love our godmother as our birth mother. She’s someone who witnesses the godchild’s christening, and is his pillar of spiritual formation. In the absence of the birth mother, our god mother steps in to provide the child with religious guidance and appraisal.

On her upcoming birthday, your godmother would be so touched and happy that you are sending her well wishes and good thoughts. Here is our extensive collection of birthday wishes for your godmother.

Best Birthday Wishes For My Godmother

The best birthday wishes to the world’s greatest godmother ever. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re always on my side, giving me your fullest support in whatever I do. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my dear godmother! You’ve grown one year wiser again. I hope you’re happy to be celebrating another year of life, that it brings with you nothing but bliss, peace and joy. I love you, Happy Birthday!

Congratulations dear godmother, Today is your special day! You’re an amazing being who came into my life – blessing it with laughter & joy. You deserve the world, and I hope I’ve given you that. Hugs & kisses! Happy Birthday to you!

An infinite amount of thanks isn’t enough to appreciate you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for taking your Godmother role so seriously and you did such a fabulous job! You’re a brave person, and a shining star of an example to follow. Happy Birthday to you, Godmother!

Birthday Gift Ideas for My Godmother

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