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55+ Ways To Wish Your Pregnant Sister A Happy Birthday


Birthday Wishes For Pregnant Sister

Celebrating your sister’s birthday every year feels special, seeing her personal growth and achievements over the past year and reflecting back on those milestones together as you look forward to helping her create even more memories for the next year. With the pregnancy announcement of your sister, the birthday feels extra special as everyone looks forward to the new addition to the family in the upcoming months. Wanting to shower your sister with encouraging and loving messages for her pregnancy and birthday, you may instead find yourself struggling to do so as you have a list of messages you would wish to deliver to her. If this is a dilemma that you are currently struggling with and want to find resolve, do read on as we have the solution!

Congratulate Your Sister’s Pregnancy

Firstly, congratulate your sister’s pregnancy once again, whether or not it was recent or long before her birthday. It showcases your care and love for your sister as well as your very own excitement to meet the newest addition to the family and becoming an aunt or an uncle that can provide even more love and care to your sister and her family. This makes your birthday wishes to her to feel extra special and sentimental with the significance centered around her pregnancy that is a new milestone for her.

Personalise Your Birthday Wishes Through Her Personality

Next, personalise your birthday wishes through her personality by keeping your birthday wishes unique to her personality and including personal thoughts that you had about your sister moving towards motherhood as well a boost of encouragement. Compliment her positive traits that you noticed growing up with her, traits that you feel would make her a great mother for her upcoming child and things you wish she never changed about herself. This allows you to capitalise on your bond as siblings and the time you have spent with each other as siblings and close friends.

We’ve Crafted Birthday Wishes For Your Pregnant Sister

Finally, we are done planning and have crafted extra special birthday wishes for your pregnant sister. However, if you are still unsure with the steps that we have provided, keep reading as we are still here to help. With our talented group of creative writers, we have well curated an extensive collection of inspiring happy birthday wishes to aid you.

Additionally, we have also included multiple templates and formats that can be easily personalised to further suit your needs in crafting happy birthday wishes for your pregnant sister.

Make a wish for world peace and a brighter world for your child as you extinguish the lights.

Happy birthday to the pregnant mother! With the birth of your child, may the upcoming year be joyful for you!

Warm wishes again. One in honor of your birthday and the joy your unborn child will bring.

Your mother was a queen; she gave birth to you; may you raise a queen.

You were given birth to by a king, you wed a king, and may you have a king as a child.

A remarkable mother-to-birthday be’s came at a special time.

We have so much to rejoice about, including your birthday and your child’s impending birthday!

You have a unique birthday today. Fresh love and new benefits arrive with a new year.

I hope today fulfills all of your wishes and then some. You’ll experience a lot of blessings this year. Enjoy every second!

I wish you a happy belly birthday!

You two are such a cute couple! Simply put, I adore you too much. I pledge to protect all of your secrets, shower you with presents, and never pass up the chance to make you smile on your birthday. My beloved sister, happy birthday.

However, a person’s birthday should not be overlooked simply because she is pregnant. If you are aware of a pregnant woman who is celebrating her birthday, please take the time to wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my pregnant sister! I hope your birth goes well and that the child is healthy!

Happy birthday to you and congrats on the birth of your child! You already have your own gift inside of you, so there’s no need to wrap one for you today!

You have a happy birthday, sister! May you celebrate many more birthdays and live to see the children of the unborn child inside of you!

Happy birthday, future mum! God gave you the most priceless gift, thus you are truly blessed! Enjoy this great occasion. Please know that I’m here for you 24/7, no matter what.

A beautiful birthday message is being sent to a buddy who will soon become a mother! Although I am aware that you already have the finest gift, please allow me to offer you a little gesture of our sisterhood.

My beloved sister, happy birthday! Also, congrats on your pregnancy! You’re a capable, astute, and brave lady. You’ll be a fantastic mother, I have no doubt!

Happy birthday to a beloved sister who will soon become a mother! I always look up to you in everything! Always keep in mind to give thanks to God for all your blessings while you enjoy this beautiful day!

Birthday greetings! Make a wish while blowing out the candles. Don’t forget to send up prayers for world harmony and a bright future for the unborn child in your womb!

Happy birthday to the radiant expecting mother, who is becoming more and more gorgeous every day! Birthday greetings, sis! May you have a happy and blessed life in the years to come!

Warmest congratulations to the birthday lady who will soon become a mother! Greetings, dear friend! The priceless gift that God gave you is one that you genuinely deserve. Have a great birthday!

You were born into a royal family, and you will soon become a mother to your own princess! Birthday greetings, sis! I’m eager to see my lovely niece!

A special birthday greeting is being sent to a sister who is about to become a mother! May you deliver your baby safely and successfully, and may he or she be born in excellent health!

Happy birthday, my dearest sibling! Today is a day for celebration for a lot of reasons. One, it’s your birthday, and two, you’re about to become a mother, something you’ve been praying fervently for! Congratulations

May you have the finest day of your life on this important occasion! I’m very thrilled for you since I know that one of your main life goals is to become a mother. Birthday greetings!

Happy birthday to my sister and congrats on becoming a first-time mommy! I’m really pleased for you, and I know you’ll make a great mother!

I’m sending a gorgeous pregnant woman my best wishes and love! Thank you so much for being my role model and constantly motivating me to give it my all. Birthday greetings!

A lovely girl was born on Earth 30 years ago. That gorgeous girl will soon give birth to another gorgeous girl. What a breeze time is! Cheers to your birthday, sweet sister! I’m excited for you to soon become a mommy.

Wishing a woman a very happy birthday who is so eager to become a mother! My dearest and greatest friend, I am very thrilled for you and I hope you live to see your grandchildren grow!

I’ve made two cakes for you to blow on your big day today. The first is a celebration of your being on earth, and the second is a celebration of the impending birth of the child you are carrying!

Happy bumpy birthday, my sweetheart! We appreciate you for being a wonderful wife and mother to your children. 

Happy birthday, sweet sister who is expecting! I wish you the utmost best in your marriage, no matter how smooth or rocky it may be.

Happy birthday to a stunning future mother! May God fulfill all of your heart’s aspirations for you, and may you have a happy, healthy baby!

Cheers to your birthday, sweet sister! The child that is growing inside of you is unquestionably the greatest gift that God has ever given you. I only pray that God would grant you everything of your heart’s wishes!

Happy birthday, my dearest sibling! I hope that God would lead you to become the sort of mother you’ve always wanted to be as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

Happy birthday to my sister, who is one of the most important people in my life! I simply want you to know that I will always be here to support and mentor you as you prepare to become a mother.

My sister, happy birthday! Celebrations should be spectacular on special days! There are even more reasons to enjoy this day with a new baby on the way!

Happy birthday, dear sister, and congrats on your newest addition to your expanding family! I’m eager to embrace and kiss your new child!

Happy birthday to the woman who will soon bring a new life into the world. You are an amazing woman, and I know your child will be overjoyed to have you as a mother.

I’m happy to see you add another baby to the family as you live another year. I appreciate you very much, my darling, for being a wonderful wife and mother to all of your children. Birthday greetings!

Greetings on your birthday, darling sister! Although the baby is on board, please enjoy yourself because it’s your birthday! Just be careful and restrain yourself when you party!

My sister, indulge in as many goodies as you can on your special day! Regarding your weight, don’t worry. You have every right to gain weight when you are pregnant! Birthday greetings!

Greetings on your birthday, darling sister! Although the baby is on board, please enjoy yourself because it’s your birthday! Just be careful and restrain yourself when you party!

My sister, indulge in as many goodies as you can on your special day! Regarding your weight, don’t worry. You have every right to gain weight when you are pregnant! Birthday greetings!

Happy birthday to a sweet sister who will soon become a mother! I am very happy for you that you are carrying a healthy baby inside of you. Although I am aware that pregnancy is difficult, you make it seem so simple!

Happy birthday to my pregnant sister, who is also my friend! Your body has two hearts beating right now. That ought to be enough music to start the celebration!

I have decided to offer you a handful of diapers as your birthday present today because they are the most useful! You’ll thank me shortly, I promise. My sister, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a sister who, while being hugely pregnant, still manages to look beautiful! I’m happy for you, my buddy. I hope your delivery goes well and safely!

Birthday greetings! I simply want to send you my best wishes as you embark on this new stage of your life. Greetings and best of luck!

My buddy, happy birthday and welcome to parenting! Enjoy the trip and, in particular, those little belly kicks.

You’ve entered a new phase of life with this birthday, my love. I am very excited for you to become a mother, and I know you will do a great job. Birthday greetings!

Happy birthday to a good sister who will soon become a mother! Next year, you may anticipate receiving baby clothing, milk, and diapers on your birthday!

Happy birthday to the expectant mother that I admire so much. Your selflessness, tolerance, and perseverance are admirable. Please know that I’ll be available for you if you need a nanny now that you’re having a second child!

Thank you, my darling, for being a wonderful sister to me and a loving mother to your children. I pray that God will continue to bless us so we can continue to offer your kids a nice life now that you’re expecting another baby in the family! Birthday greetings!

My sister, happy birthday! It was on this day last year that your greatest wish to become a mother was realized. I’m really glad for you!

Congratulations on the addition of a new baby to your family! God granted your request to have numerous children since you are a wonderful lady in every way! Birthday greetings!

Birthday greetings, dear sister! Congratulations on your new baby and best wishes from us!

Happy Birthday Sister! I will you all the best and to my niece who is coming this year.

Preparing A Gift Along With Your Birthday Wishes For Your Pregnant Sister

Now that we have successfully crafted happy birthday wishes for your pregnant sister, we will now provide you with some pointers towards preparing gifts to tag along and complement your birthday wishes. Some great gift options include a maternity wardrobe gift card, a baby changing bag, an aromatherapy diffuser, a handmade card with a special message, a spa day gift card, and a baby keepsake box.

Firstly, a maternity wardrobe gift card would be a great gift option to assist your sister in her pregnancy as she would definitely require some temporary outfits fit for her pregnancy while providing her with the same taste of fashion she would have enjoyed prior to her pregnancy. It also provides her the opportunity to shop for new clothes which she may have enjoyed prior to her pregnancy and allows her to relive those experiences.

Next, a baby changing bag would be a great gift option as it’s always good to prepare ahead of the delivery of a new child at the end of the pregnancy. It also provides your sister with opportunities to shop for things she would definitely require for her baby and enjoy quality time with her partner shopping for things with her baby in mind. However, if you are still unsure, you can provide her with a spa day gift card which she could enjoy at her own pace, especially after her pregnancy where she would be able to enjoy all the relaxation she definitely needs to recover the accumulated fatigue she has experienced over the months during her pregnancy. We are sure that whichever gift that you decide to prepare along with your birthday wishes, your pregnant sister would definitely appreciate the thought that you have put into preparing everything.